Monday, October 1, 2007

iPhone Tea Party

Has Apple turned your iPhone into an iBrick? No problem; a brick can be a formidable weapon when operated outside of its intended use, so let’s not just stand there. I have trouble believing that we are the same people who were attacked on Sept 11 by thugs in a distant cave. This time, the perpetrators are flaunting it instead of hiding. We could whine, moan, threaten legal action, or even run to mama but, we are Americans and these iPhones will not run. Grab your bull horn and let the folks in Cupertino know it’s coming to them. It's time to sound the ring-tone that will be heard around Silicon Valley.

Apple has fired the first shot so the war has began. We must free the iPhone from the axis of evil between Apple and at&t. They think they own it but they have forgotten that we payed for it. Should we care that there was a warning that the update would break some phones? Should we care about the legal propaganda that is shoved down our throat? I wonder if anyone from the Boston Tea Party cared whether British laws were on the side of the King before they took action. We are not cats and we are not mice. We are a million strong and we, the customer, will always be right.

It seems that we do not have a voice in Cupertino. We asked for more applications and instead they took what we had and replaced it with an ugly purple icon. So now we can spend money wirelessly but we cant get our free podcasts on the go. Do they take us for a bunch of iDiots? Now is the time to put our foot down – 10 million toes – and let them know our wallets are running this show.

Here is a plan of action. We can break the axis of evil by cutting their supply line. The greedy contract between Apple and at&t is at the source of it all; break it! We can start by sending a loud message to the evil dowers at Apple and not upgrade to the malicious firmware. We don’t want software that sabotages our iPhones, we want real innovation.

To take it a step further we could terminate the contract at&t. If enough of us would do that, most likely they would be crawling back to get our business and credit back the termination fee. But that’s wishful thinking to negotiate with these thugs. I’d rather go for unconditional surrender.

What they don’t want you to know is there are greener pastures elsewhere. If you take your phone to T-Mobile, you’ll save about $10 a month for a comparable plan without a contract so you can walk anytime. Visual voice mail may not work but in return you get wireless access at all Starbucks, Borders, and many airports. This is included in T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan but it's $20 extra with at&t.

Really, I doubt “we” are going to take action on this. Last resort, we could each get a jar of Vaseline and go stand in front of our local Apple or at&t store. I’m sure they could use the extra press. Whatever we do, let’s not just stand there. Hacked or not, we all love our iPhones and for the sake of freedom we need a united voice. Steve Jobs may have a lot of lawyers but he has few hair left on his head; we have billions. Anyone interested in organizing the resistance, please contact me.